Vapefly Cotton Clouds


Vapefly Cotton Clouds is the ideal choice if you’re looking to make cotton wicks for your RDA or RTA. It’s innovative box design cuts down on waste as you can pull out as much cotton as you need. Once you’ve cut off a length you can reseal the box to keep your cotton fresh and ready for use next time.

Made from 100% organic Japanese cotton it ensures a clean vape that brings out the best flavour from your e-liquid. Each 5ft (152.4cm) reel can be cut to an exact length to match your RDA preference. This cotton is both absorbent and heat resistant, meaning dry hits are significantly reduced and it can also be used at a range of wattages to suit your vaping style.


  • Cotton Wicks For Rebuildable Atomisers
  • 100% Organic Japanese Cotton
  • Heat Resistant
  • Increased Flavour From E-Liquid


  • Vapefly Cotton Clouds 5ft (152.4cm) Cotton Reel
  • Resealable Box

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