Twisted Lollies 100ml Shortfill

The Twisted Lollies 100ml shortfill vape juice collection is an all new range of premium e-liquids made in the UK. Twisted lollies, as the name and artwork suggests, are based on the popular twister lolly ice cream with various added flavours to compliment the flavour profile.

Twisted lollies e-liquids are 60VG/40PG ratio making them suitable for most pods and sub ohm vape style kits, as well as rebuildable atomisers.

0mg Nicotine

This product requires 2x Nicotine Shot 18mg to achieve 3mg nicotine strength.
You can find Nicotine Shots via the following link.

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Blackcurrant Vanilla Strawberry – This is what happens when you envelop a smooth creamy Vanilla ice cream with a twisted juicy mix of Blackcurrant & Strawberry Sorbet that just shouts fruity vibes. A perfect compliment to a summer’s day finished with a subtle ice exhale.

Blue Bubblegum – If you love the taste of classic blue bubblegum…this one is gonna hit the spot. A nostalgic blue candy bubblegum with a twist of creamy Vanilla ice cream with a touch of ice.

Blueberry Apple Melon Strawberry – It’s a summer party in the mouth with a mix of fruity goodness & delicious creamy vanilla ice cream. Enjoy the tropical taste of Melon with crisp Apple whilst the berries drop a juicy hit that’s given a hint of ice.

Blueberry Milk Cherry – A super blend of classic milk lolly with swirls & spirals of sweet Blueberries and juicy Cherries. A really smooth vape experience that just melts with tangy flavour. All finished with a hint of ice.

Cherry Cola – A awesome take on a truly classic flavour of creamy vanilla ice cream, with a swirl of authentic cola and fruity juicy red cherries, you can taste the perfect mix with tis cool and icy exhale.

Raspberry Apple Blackberry N Lemon -A twisted sweet and sour mix of tangy raspberry sorbet wrapped around a creamy Vanilla Ice cream. With swirls of Blackberry and Lemon Ice, The flavours work so well with the added icy cool sensation.

Strawberry Mango – It’s Mango season with a twist of Mango Gelato and swirls of juicy Strawberry with creamy Vanilla ice cream. A sure choice for tropical and Mango lovers with a subtle icy exhale.

Strawberry Pineapple Lemon N Lime – Creamy Vanilla ice cream with a twist of juicy Pineapple, Lemon and Lime Sorbet with a sweet tangy Strawberry centre. Enjoy the perfect cooling exhale on a sweet summers day.

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Blackcurrant Vanilla Strawberry, Blue Bubblegum, Blueberry Apple Melon Strawberry, Blueberry Milk Cherry, Cherry Cola, Raspberry Apple Blackberry N Lemon, Strawberry Mango, Strawberry Pineapple Lemon N Lime