Switch Mods Aumakua Mano V2


The Limited Edition Aumakua Collection by Switch Mods.

Mano: The Fiercest and most feared Tiger Shark .For the people of the ocean, this sacred animal guides and protects the watermen of Hawaii as they hunt and collect the bounties of the ocean.These families swim side by side with the Mano,never in fear for their AUMAKUA is the KING of the Ocean!!!!

Brass Atmoizer Cap with Shark Print.

24mm body – 24mm atomizer cap.

Powder Coat with Hand drawn Laser design.

510 hybrid body with direct atomizer to battery connection.

Venting holes to reduce battery heat by 60%

Adjustable delrin to completely eliminate battery rattle.

Beryllium copper silver plated loaded spring.

Maximum copper contact to battery surface area.

Innovative easy to clean button housing.

Copper atomizer contact.

Stainless steel atomizer.

Dual negative poles machined into the base.

Large juice well.

Matching wide bore one piece drip tip.

Mechanical mods are for advanced users only, which requires knowledge of Ohms Law, battery capabilities, and RDAs. If you are not comfortable with using this device, don’t purchase. Improper use can lead to battery venting and/or explosion. Do NOT use with sub tanks.

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The Limited Edition Aumakua Collection by Switch Mods.

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