Killer Gun Mech Mod by History Mods

With the Killer gun, History Mod wanted to do something different than any other manufacturer out there, featuring two buttons either side of the Mod which are both adjustable to set your own personal preferences. The body of all the tubes are produced by History Mod and if of solid Naval Brass, the outer sleves on the other hand are treated with a Galvanic Bath. The Satin and Tin Versions have a surface treatment of Chrome Alloy, while the Gold and Palladium versions are gold plated with 0.028 microns thickness and the same in Palladium White.

All mechanical tubes have a 3mm Delrin safety isolator and a three-prong thread to speed up the insertion of the Battery (18650 battery not included). At the bottom of the tube there are drain holes for better heat dissipation.

Each Tube produced by History Mod is sold in combination with a Cap of the same color as the Tube. The Cap is compatible with Goon 24 and Apocalypse 24 Atomizers.

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Could this be the hard hitting small mod you didnt know you needed?… we think it may well be!
The Killer Gun Mech Mod by History Mod is a cut above the rest and probably one of the smallest 18650 mechanical mods on the market to date.

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Glossy Black, Satin Black, Palladium