Aspire Odan Mesh Coil 3 Pack

The 0.2 Ohm Odan coil features a mesh coil build. The benefit of mesh is that it has a larger surface area, which allows for more e-liquid to be heated at a faster rate – for a boost in flavour. Mesh coils are also less likely to suffer from hot spots, so they’ll last longer.

Featuring specialist wicks, the Odan vape coils feature a combination wick, that utilises linen and organic cotton. These wicks are heat resistant and are suited to both mid wattage and high wattage vaping. The 0.2 Ohm Aspire Odan coil can be used between 50 – 60W.

Some users demanded to know what the odan could do at much higher wattages and so Aspire have unleashed the 0.18ohm coil to deliver just that.

Ultra intense flavour, dense thick clouds and even better performance for high wattage users. 60-80W

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